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Faith Gibson, LM, CPM
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Serving second 3-yr term, California Medical Board's
 Midwifery Advisory Council

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The California Medical Board asked the College of Midwives not to published information from the Midwifery Advisory Council, but instead
 direct all LMs to the
Board's official web site
for updates on MBC &
Midwifery Issues



Email if questions bonniefaithgibson@gmail.com


A professional organization for  midwives who provide physiologically-based maternity care in a community settings
client homes,
maternity homes
or birth centers.

Best Evidence on science-based maternity care Extensive archive  

~ a "must read". This subdirectory has links to links to primary sources, lengthy excerpts, and citation lists documenting the scientific basis for physiological childbirth  as the universal standard of care for healthy women with normal pregnancies. Also journal articles on interventive and operative obstetrics >> induction, elective C-sections and political controversies, including ACOG's effort to eliminate planned home birth.

Other "Best Evidence" topics (1) community-based midwifery, and (2) political and historical forces that have inappropriately medicalized normal childbirth in the US (3) the politics that underlie organized medicine's push to make elective Cesarean surgery the new, 21st century standard of care for in a healthy women with normal pregnancies.

    Best Evidence  subdirectory also has links to
the most important articles on the College of Midwives web site.  

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Newest and most important information
 Public health issue for parents, birth attendants, maternity care providers,
neonatologists, insurance companies & healthcare policy makers


   When to "CUT THE CORD"  
 ~  life-death importance of Physiological Umbilical Cord Clamping @ birth  ~

 "Neonatal Resuscitation: Life that Failed " ~
by George Malcolm Morley, MB ChB FACOG

A scientific paper provides vital information on the value of physiological cord clamping under many diverse circumstances  especially premature babies, distressed neonates and following
 any Cesarean deliver, but particularly an emergent one performed for fetal distress.
This a game-changer in the practical, political,
legal and economic arena.

  "EFM as a Public Health Screening Program:
 The Arithmetic of Failure"
by Dr David Grimes
Electronic fetal monitoring has failed as a public health screening program.
Nevertheless, most of the four million low-risk women giving birth in the United States
each year continue to undergo this screening


  Short Cuts to:


 Midwifery and Health Care Reform

  Web site resource for maternity & mfry Ning Network

 The Birth Survey  ~ Feedback on your birth, search the database for feedback on midwives, OBs, hospitals and birth centers

  XTRANORMAL annimated Cartoons
~ the politics of a dysfunction maternity care system:

 Hospital Tour   Emergency C/S    The VBAC Police

Client Hand-out -- Coping with labor with Grace and Gravity w/ entertaining graphics

 New View  Historical background for how  & why we have such a dysfunction health care system

 The Writing Project  ~ Personal collection of essays by Faith Gibson about healthcare ~
 its history, its future, why contemporary healthcare and maternity care models aren't working,
 and how to fix these problems so our HC system
becomes the pride of every American.

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