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A Must Read" for MOMS clients: The Distinction Between Midwifery & Medicine Care
by faith gibson

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Physiological Management of Normal Labor & Birth Defined
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Best Choice for
Healthy Women ~ Planned Home Birth
  BMJ study on PHB published in ObGynNews
British Secretary of Health Promotes Planned Home Birth with Midwives May 2006

College  of Midwives' 
Standards of Care  
for Planned Home Birth 

Client Info for GBS Testing     
Non-antibiotic Tx for GBS during labor  
ACOG's brochure (1998)
for risk-based and culture-based information on GBS

California Birth Registration Packet for all PHB
and all other OOH location -- paperwork filed in each country's Dept. Vital Statistics' office

   A collection of Contemporary Essays about Health Care,
Physiological Management of Normal Childbirth, Midwifery , etc

Posted June 28, 2009

Outcomes of planned home births

with certified professional midwives:
a large prospective study in North America 
(June 18, 2005)

British Medical Journal  
2005;330:1416 (18 June), doi:10.1136/bmj.330.7505.1416
Research paper by 
Kenneth C Johnson, senior epidemiologist 
Betty-Anne Daviss, project manager 
Editor's Note:
Many of the LMs in California, myself included, were participants in this study and contributed statistics from our own home birth practices.


  March 13, 2006 Press Release:
      Paper on
Planned Home Birth in British Medical Journal  was the most popular study published in 2005  


Info for VBAC clients of
Faith Gibson, LM #41

(1) Taylored information as
 required by
Section 1379.19
for Faith Gibson  

(2) Access required reading
incl. text of Sec 1379.19

 (3) Informed Decision Making, Informed Consent or Refusal  
   print out consent form on page #5   
        Options: VBAC or Repeat C-Section --
                                                                     print out page # 9 -- consent form and bring to appt.

Characteristics of Active, Physiological Management

Science-based Principles of Maternity Care  

 Continuity of care, 
Patience with nature, 
Social and emotional support, 
Mother-controlled environment (place)  
Provision for appropriate psychological privacy, 
Mother-directed activities, positions & postures for labor & birth  
Full-time presence of the primary caregiver during active labor
Recognition of the non-erotic but none the less sexual nature of spontaneous labor 
Upright and mobile mother during active labor 
Non-pharmaceutical pain management such as showers & deep water tubs 
Judicious use of drugs and anesthesia when needed (hospitalized mothers)
Absence of arbitrary time limits as long some progress, mother & baby OK  
Vertical postures, pelvic mobility and the right use of gravity for pushing
Birth position by maternal choice unless other factors require otherwise
Mother-Directed Pushing -- NO prolonged breath-holding (Valsalva maneuver)
Physiological clamping/cutting of umbilical cord-- after circulation has stopped (3-5 mins)  

Immediate possession and control of newborn by mother and father

On-going & unified care and support of the mother-baby for postpartum

One does not have to be a midwife to appropriately 
use "physiological" (i.e. midwifery) management.

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