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British Medical Journal
Editorial documenting safety of home-based birth services in UK

UCSF "Consent for Patients Planning Home Birth" Sample of Home-birth Friendly Hospital Backup arrangements

British Medical Journal   2005;330:1416 (18 June), doi:10.1136/bmj.330.7505.1416 
Outcomes of planned home births with certified professional midwives: 
large prospective study in North America
      Kenneth C Johnson, senior epidemiologist, Betty-Anne Daviss, project manager

    Canadian Medical Association Safety of planned home births versus planned hospital births after regulation of midwifery in British Columbia   Deliveries in maternity homes in Norway: results from a 2-year prospective study Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand 2002 Aug;81 (8):731-7 
   The GP's guide to home birth --
advise for General Practitioners ~  UK
 Has the medicalisation of childbirth gone too far? British Medical Journal 2002;324:892-895 ( 13 April )
   Home Birth Literature Review -- Bibliography of 74 Peer-Reviewed Studies  Home Birth and Out-of-Hospital Birth: Is it Safe? Review of literature regarding  home &  hospital birth safety 

The Safety of Alternative Approaches to Childbirth by 
Dr. Peter Peter Schlenzka, PhD, Stanford University, March 1999


   Official Plan to Eliminate the Midwife ~ Historical Story Midwifery Politics 

  Excerpts from Synopsis Cochrane Effective Guide to Pregnancy Care Data Base  Systemic Review of Evidence-based Maternity Care
            UCSF Center for the Health Professions - Taskforce on Midwifery

"Home Birth?  Hello?"
                                       Poem by Irish Midwife Marie O'Connor

W.H.O. Defines Normal Childbirth 

 UK Site on Safety Home-based Birth Care 

 12 Fact Sheets on Safety of Midwifery Model of Care

 American Medical Literature on the Safety of Home Birth
17 abstracts from professional, peer-reviewed US sources

 Links to articles on midwifery safety by Dr. Marsden Wagner
California perinatalogist, formerly Regional Officer for Women's 
& Children's Health at the European Regional Office, WHO

  Ten Published Studies on the safety of home-based midwifery 

    Search for a Midwife @   Consumer Information ~

   Expansion of Reproductive Freedom to Include Mfry Model of Care
              Resolution passed by the National Organization for Women, July 1999:

 Comments by family physicians on safety of home-based midwifery care, 
evidence-based medicine and a simple definition of the scope of midwifery

  Excellent Book Review ~ Dr. Tom Strong, "Expecting Trouble", an expose
on the failure of current obstetrician-dominated form of maternity care

  Comments on Home-based Midwifery by David Stuwart, PhD., NAPSAC

 Top 15 Discharge Diagnoses 1992 - California Hospitals - OSHPD 1995

  "Is Homebirth For You? 6 Myths About Childbirth Exposed."    
Editor: Janet Tipton,  originally published 
in 1990 by Friends of Homebirth.

Midwifery Politics in the Press

"Midwives Under Fire" -- by Katie Allison Granju
cover story in
Minnesota Parents Magazine  

The Battle Over Home Delivery" by Karen  Ann Coburn  
-- an interesting article in the October issue of  Governing  magazine

Junk Science by You-Know-Who

Planned Home Birth in Washington State 
Comprehensive Review of  Pang-Benedetti Study ~ August '02 
(1) Letter to Editor / Op Ed & Press Release (2) ACOG letter MBC

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