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Standard of Care
Technical Bulletins & other Informational Documents

Sections 3 & 4

Defining Planned Home Birth for Clinical and Statistical Purposes 2004 pdf Incident Report Forms for CCM Members


Clarifying Comments on Intrapartum Transport

Institute for Clinical Excellence  - Guideline on The Use Of Electronic Fetal Monitoring 
~ Use and interpretation of cardiotocography in intrapartum fetal surveillance
 ~ May 2001 UK ~ 

Guideline for Postnatal Management following mild to moderate difficulties during birth at home Laboratory and other Screening and  Diagnostic Testing (pre-June 2002 GBS protocol is outdated) also former ACOG & Stanford protocols
Technical Bulletin No. 1 -- 
Principles and methods of
Intermittent Auscultation (IA)
Technical Bulletin No. 2 -- 
Principles of IA as augmented by
Episodic Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Technical Bulletin No. 3 -- Instructions for Suturing Second Degree Perineal lacerations  ~ Refresher for professional midwives, 
Technical Bulletin No. 4 ~ Maternal-Fetal Ejection Reflex, including the Five Elements for Success for normal spontaneous vaginal birth Technical Bulletin No. 5 ~ 
~ Management of light to moderate Mec in Vigorous Term Neonates -- Cochrane Date Base Abstract recommends against routine endotrechael intubation
Technical Bulletin No. 6 - 
General Guidelines for Expulsive Labor
-- definition of  the "Perineal phase"

Section Three ~ Administrative Obligation of Professional Practice  

 1. Biennial Reporting of Client Information
Notification of Transfers involving significant morbidity or mortality
 3. Mortality / Morbidity ~ Peer Review Committee
4. Configuration of M&M Peer Review Committee


Examples of Disclosure and Informed Consent ~ download to modify or customize
Sample Informative Booklet        
Sample New Client Antepartum  
Sample Intrapartum Form    

Client information for GBS Testing  Client Information  for GBS Testing

Archival Material of Historical Interest

  Link to Clinical Archive of  Consent Forms and original version of clinical practice documents
1999 Guidelines ~ College of Midwives of British Columbia, Canada 
1. Midwifery Model of Care
2. Philosophy of Care 
3. Standards of Practice 
4. Code of Ethics
5. Informed Choice Policy
6. Competencies for 
Licensed Midwives

7. Statement on Home Birth 
with Supportive Citations
8. Medical Interface & Emergency Transport from 
Home to Hospital
9. Criteria for Client Selection and preliminary Consultation; Indications for Discussion, Consultation and Transfer of Care during the antepartal, intrapartum / neonatal & postpartum

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Birth without Pitocin-accelerated labor, epidural, episiotomy or forceps: