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Link to Midwifery Consumer Group ~ Citizens for Midwifery

UCSF Center for the Health Professions - Taskforce on Midwifery

UK Site on the Safety of Home-based 
Birth Care

International Cesarean

American College of 
Nurse Midwives

Midwives Alliance of 
North America

Seattle Midwifery School

Consumer Information ~ 
Search for a Midwife @ MidwifeInfo.com 

Maternity Center Association's  new site ~ Maternity Wise

Barbara Harper's Water Birth

Childbirth At Home
    ~ A labor of love

Born Free ~ The Unassisted Birth Page

Shelia Kitzinger Web Site

  The British Journal of Midwifery  

Association of Radical Midwives ~ UK 

Bandolier  Evidence-based Health Care web site  
~  Oxford, UK ~  British National Health service 

Grateful Med  &  Library of Medicine 

Articles on Midwifery & critique of Obstetrical Practices 
by Marsden Wagner, MD

Karil Daniels' Waterbirth Website  
BirthWorks - Educational programs for MInd, Body & Spirit



American Public Health Association 

The Answer Page/OB-Gyn is a family of educational websites for the medical professional. 
Our specialty sites feature the
Question of the Day, complete with a peer-reviewed, 
referenced answer by faculty from Harvard Medical School and other distinguished institutions. 

  Maternity Center Association's  new site ~ Maternity Wise
promoting evidence-based maternity care among consumers and
 professionals through education, action and research projects.

Our publication, The Rights of Childbearing Women, can be obtained by searching the Maternity Wise website or by using the URL www.maternitywise.org/rightsframe.html  Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding Maternity Wise or Maternity Center Association.  Tahshann S. Richards, MPH  

Oregon State Midwifery Organization               

OB GYN web sites:
OB-gyn journal online with interesting articles you can read 
and download and some you must be a subscriber to see  

Contemporary OB/GYN  free on line access to full-text of 10,000 articles 
+ National Library of Medicine data base

OBGYNLinx.com  ~ top peer-reviewed journal and latest clinical results

Healthyme.md ~ women's health-specific Web site 

Acuson Medical Education Site  ~ CEUs on line

History of Cesarean Section ~ A Brief History by Robert E. Berg, M.D
(at the National Library of Medicine)

Cesarean Support Group Web Site administered by Laine Holman
~ A site where women can come in those first weeks and months after 
their cesarean when they are still emotionally tender        

ACE Graphics website devoted to childbirth education, 
pregnancy, birth and midwifery.

Epi-NO -- devise to prepare the perineum for birth,
to prevent perineal tears and episiotomies

 The Farm ~  Ina May Gaskin, CPM 


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