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~ Files posted since Jan 1 2003

Letter to MBC Members/ DOL
Re, DVD and Copy of Correspondance to Dr. Joyce Brothers

NEWEST File Reply to Dr Joyce Brothers  regarding the Pang Study 
             ~ see letter below

Aug 2003 Column by Dr Joyce Brother 

DEAR D.N.:    Your daughter was lucky the first time, and you were lucky to have a healthy grandchild. I don't think you should argue, but I do believe you should let her know that a medical journal recently reported that the risk of neonatal death was almost twice as high when the delivery was begun in the home. 

To prove how lucky your daughter was before, this research shows that the risk of death is even higher for first-time mothers.   ...... The risks of heart problems, respiratory disorders and many other unexpected problems occur more frequently in home births.     

GAP ~ 10a. Criteria for LMs Attending Special Circumstances Birth
Moderate Risk Labor at Home:  
GAP ~ 10b. Parental Waiver for VBAC Informed Consent /CS & VBAC 

Re:  Pang Study -- Planned Home Birth in Washington State
Letter to Editor / Op Ed & Press Release
(2) ACOG letter MBC

(3) Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and Uterine Rupture Rates in California  for 1995
Gregory K, Korst L, Cane P, et al. Obstet Gynecol 94:985-9, 1999   
(4) Just the Numbers / Risk Ratios  = VBAC Wins!

(5) NPR Reporter Resource Link  

(6) Jan 18, 2003 - for Frank Cuny / legal/legislative action - 

(7) Reformulation of Characteristics of Clinical Competencies 
/ new title 'Generally-Accepted Practices' (GAP because it is midwives that 
stand in the 'gap' between mindlessly medicalized practices of organized medicine 
and unattended birth by parents that are unable to find "appropriate" care

GAP ~ 10a. Criteria for LMs Attending Special Circumstances Birth
Moderate Risk Labor at Home:  
GAP ~ 10b. Parental Waiver for VBAC Informed Consent /CS & VBAC 

(7) Special Surprise File for Karen Ehrlich. LM


Ancient Archive -- from many, many moons ago!

April 8, 02 Faith's Essay on the history of midwifery politics published 
Information about a newly published book: 
Liberty For Women
Edited by Wendy McElroy

I am proud to announce that I was chosen as one of 20 
contributing authors in a newly published anthology  
"Liberty for Women -- Freedom and Feminism in the 21st Century".  

My essay on the history of midwifery and medical politics entitled Official Plan to Eliminate the Midwife - 1890 to 1930 was originally published on this web site several years ago. Dr. Alexander Tabarrok, Director of Research for the Independent Institute in Oakland, CA read it on-line. He contacted me via email to ask if I would consider preparing it for publication in a feminist anthology. With his generous advise and editorial assistance, my essay was reduced to manageable size and accepted for publication. 

For those in the San Francisco Bay area, the editor, Wendy McElroy will be speaking at the Commonwealth Club on May 2. You can find information on this event at the hyperlink given above for the book. 

To order "Liberty for Women" from the Independent Institute, click here

CALM/CAM members 

Rebutal by Henci Goer on fatally-flawed ACOG study
claiming home birth results in increased baby deaths
as compared to hospital delivery

  My eldest daughter Shawn, Jan 18, 1964  -
born in the back seat of our family car on the way to the hospital

Coercive techniques -- / Newsweek Dec 2003
what do intelligence techniques used to get Saddam to talk have to do
 with how childbearing women are treated, especially during hospital labor

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