Read the following account on how to manipulate the psyche of individuals  for purposes of controlling them.

Consider how many of these techniques are built into the relationship between obstetrician and pregnant patient, and how many of the techniques mirror the typical experience of the hospitalized labor patient.

Newsweek, Dec 29, 2003, Jan 5, 2004 

Trying Iraq’s War Crimes

 The CIA and other government agencies refuse to discuss and methods they might use to make Saddam talk….

The Defense Intelligence Agency wrote in a federal court filing:

“DIA’s approach to interrogation is largely dependent upon creating an atmosphere of dependency and trust between subject/mom/pt and interrogator/doctor. What is done, according to the manuals, by using many different techniques to disorient the prisoner/ labor patient until s/he reaches some stage of “regression.” 

The heart of interrogation techniques lies in controlling every aspect of the captive/labor patient's environment. “The interrogator can and does make the subject’s world not only unlike the world to which he has been accustomed but also strange in itself – a world in which familiar pattern of time, space and sensory perception are overthrown.

Interrogators have the power to grant or withhold permission for every bodily function, including sleep. Its amazing how fast most people break down under such circumstances and these are considered” non-co coercive” techniques.

Talk, Not Torture: Under the Geneva Conventions, Saddam can't be tortured during interrogations. Some other tactics the CIA could try:

1) Contact: Restrictions on visitors and relentless questioning might break down his resistance.
2) Sleep deprivation
3) Good cop/bad cop
4) Bluffing: Pretending to know things they don't might help trip him up