Events leading to
the Imprisonment of Mennonite Midwife Freida Miller 
Arrested & Prosecuted in Ohio for properly using a safe anti-hemorrhagic 
(Pitocin) to prevent a dangerous PP Hemorrhage


A Clear case of "No Good Deed goes unpunished"

Oct 29th 2002
Expanded Story, Newspaper accounts Cleveland Plain Dealer

Oct 27th, 2002 Pictures of Prayer Vigil for Freida Miller outside of Holmes Country Jail 

October 24th, 2002 ~ Freida Arrested and Imprisoned
Freida Miller  c/o Holmes Co. Jail P.O. Box 5000 8104 T.R. 574 Holmesville, OH.   44633 

October 16th ~ Letters by the ACDM to the Judge Thomas White, Prosecutor Robert Rinfret, 
State Attorney General Betty Montgomery, Dr.
P.W. Smith Jr., Pomerene Hospital
Holmes County Health Department, Dr. Mullet and/or Sally Hofstetter

September 2002 ~ Email Updates Sept 23 to Oct 27 on Subsequent Re-opening of Case and 
Arrest of Freida for being unwilling to name the doctor who gave her the Pitocin, 
which would result charges against the physician by the Ohio medical board 
and loss of his/her medical license


May 3, 2002 ~ Newspaper Accounts of Freida Miller Arraignment -- 
Plain Dealer Reporter, Millersberg and Daily Recorder, Wooster, Ohio  

March 7th 2002 ~ "Letter to Newspaper Editor" written by the ACDM
on behalf of Freida Miller and her situation, as it relates to the safety of childbearing women 

Letter to Lawyer with background of midwifery prosecutions


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