Mennonite Midwife Freida Miller Arrested in Ohio
for properly using Pitocin to prevent a dangerous PP Hemorrhage

 Up Dates via Emails Excerpts from Freid'a Supporters

September 23 ~ Latest update is that on Friday, September 20, Freida was called to a meeting with her probation officer.  Her attorney went with her.  As I understand it, they are informing her that she is in violation of her probation by not cooperating with officials and providing them the name(s) of where she received her pitocin/methergine.  A grand jury investigation is being called for and will take place on October 2nd.  Freida will be supeonaed to testify under oath... they will again ask her the same questions.  She is being told that if she continues to withold this information that she can (1) be fined up to $100 per day until she cooperates and (2) she will be prohibited from practising midwifery until she cooperates (I am not sure how they plan on justifying/enforcing this one).  They are telling her that they would like to not send her to jail... of course not - won't look politically very good for them.

September 30, 2002 -- Ongoing developments regarding our midwife prompt this letter. She is to appear before a "grand jury" on Wednesday, October 2, at 9:00. There she will be questioned concerning the source of the drug she used. Freida is unwilling to answer this question because, for her doing so would be a betrayal of trust. For this decision, she can expect to be charged with contempt of court. This can lead to jail, daily fines "until she talks", or ending her practice. Besides that, her case is likely to be used as an example for legislation and decisions concerning midwifery in the future and in other places.

On October 2, 2002 Update ~ Freida appeared before the Holmes County Grand Jury, She was questioned as to where she obtained the medication. Freida pleaded the Fifth Amendment (the Fifth is the right to remain silent so as not to incriminate oneself). The Court then granted her immunity which was a promise that the Law could not prosecute her for what she might have revealed, which then took her right to plead the Fifth, Freida then had to answer or be held in contempt of court. Freida still refused to give the names of the persons who had given her the medication. At this point the court was once again called upon to decide whether Freida could be held in contempt of court for refusing to answer.

Due to disagreement regarding Freida's answer to one of the questions the Judge asked that the transcript be read. The Court Recorder attempted several times to retrieve the transcript but was unable, to her obvious frustration and after a brief discussion the Judge then declared Freida's case postponed until the next Grand Jury Session, which will be October 23, 2002. We Believe God has given us a window of time, which is why we're urgently requesting your participation. 

For Immediate release ~ Steven Troyer Phone (330) 893-3184


There is a growing group of Holmes County Citizens that are prepared to ask a few hard questions about the direction that parental and other Freedoms are taking. The concerns rise from the recent Midwife Freida Miller case.

Miller was Arraigned on March 4, 2002 on charges of: Practicing Medicine without a Certificate and the Possession of Dangerous Drugs. The charges were reduced to misdemeanors to which Miller Pled Guilty to May 1, 2002. Her sentence then included 200 Hours of Community service, a fine of $ 3,000 and Probation for 3 years. The Probation included a Protocol restricting Miller's practice. This was implemented by a Board Including a Doctor, Probation Officer, Prosecutor, a Judge, Miller and her Lawyer.

These proceedings give rise to the following questions:

Was it Constitutional for a Judge to threaten the Defendant with a "stiffer sentence" if Supporters showed up at the Courthouse on the day of Miller's sentencing? Was there a reason he did not want the Public to know what is really going on in Holmes County?

What about this statement from the Prosecuting Attorney? "It's a difficult situation for everybody, especially the Courts. It's a difficult balancing act between a mother's right to a birthing experience she chooses and the state's right to protect unborn children who don't have a choice and can be put at risk because of parent's choices."

Knowling's statement is curious, in light of the state supported Roe v. Wade ruling (that from conception to birth, abortion is legal because the "fetus" is not yet a "child".) Actually, it puts home birthing in a worse light than abortion itself.

Are parents' rights to privacy violated when the Health Department steps into a Midwife's home and copies Names, Addresses and Personal Information of Holmes County parents who plan to Homebirth?

In light of the Prosecuting Attorney's comments (above), what does the Health Department plan on doing with at least fifty Families' Personal Information?

When a Medical Doctor is brought up on criminal charges, do all his patients automatically lose their right to personal privacy?

Isn't it ironic that the "victims", Ray & Jan Joyal, are very supportive of the "offender", Freida Miller?

And think about it: When dangerous mind altering Street Drugs are sold,  the offender is merely juggled through the Court System, but when a sincere 47 year old Mennonite Midwife administers medication to save someone's life the same Judicial System ignores the normal constraints to Prove a Point? (In some states Midwives are required to carry this medication.)

As a part of Probation, a letter of apology was required of Miller to the Public. That letter was revised by the Judge to reflect his own preferences without the Defendant's Consent.

Is that Freedom of Speech?

Why was this requirement to "Cooperate with Criminal Investigations" not included in the Plea Agreement, but slid in under the Carpet by Judge White at time of Sentencing?

What is the future of Holmes County's Parents and Children who have religious boundaries that determine their choices, when it doesn't fit the mood of the politically correct? Can we hope for a respectful relationship with the medical & judicial systems?

-Concerned Parents of Ohio, Committee Members

 Thu, 24 Oct 2002  Please e-mail all the people and ask them to come to the jail at 4:00 TODAY!!!

Judge pulled a fast one and told Freida that he would give her time to change her mind until then.....The truth is he didn't want to look bad in front of all those people to hand cuff her and drag her to jail in the court room as he always does....
So we are asking that people flood the jail at 4:00 !!!!!  Get the word out....

Oct 24, 2002 Subject Freida Miller Arrested Today

To all of you who didn't hear... they did arrest Freida at four pm yesterday, and led her off to jail.... there was a large group of believers there praying with her, and it will probably make papers around the state ... from what i understand, she can serve up to 120 days.... continue to pray for her strength and well being.. we serve an awesome God.... will update more as soon as possible.....

Oct 27, 2002 ~ To all friends of Freida,

This Sunday night--Oct. 27th, from 6:30-7:30; we will be having a candle light " Prayer Vigil" at the Holmes Co. Jail. Please bring your own candles, if possible. This will be a time of prayer and singing. Please notify your friends and Church Prayer Chains. Also, please write Freida, send cards, have your children draw pictures and make cards for her; she would also appreciate photographs of the children.  

Freida Miller c/o Holmes Co. Jail P.O. Box 5000 8104 T.R. 574 Holmesville, OH.   44633

And please continue to pray for Freida, this is very difficult for her and she need all of our prayers and encouragement!!!!

Thank-you and may God Bless You,  Concerned Parents of Ohio

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