Legal, Legislative & Liability issues 
for Professional Midwives


Prosecutions of Midwives


Access to  background on Utah's Midwifery Licensing 

Final version in PDF passed March 2005

  Link to Contemporary Mfry Legislation, SB 1479, etc


Directory  ~ Midwifery Is NOT the Practice of Medicine   

Text of Adopted Decision
1999 case against California Licensed Midwife Alison Osborn
Administrative Law Judge dismissed charges after extensive hearing

Text for Amicus Curiae Briefs ~ Osborn Case
(1) filled by California Citizens for Health Freedom
(2) and the California College of Midwives

  The 1976 Bowland Decision and Abortion
- upholding the legalization of abortion
while criminalizing midwifery

1996 Kansas Supreme Court Decision
Ruling that Midwifery is Not the Practice of Medicine

  Ohio Legislative Recommendation on Direct-entry Midwifery

NEW HAMPSHIRE Direct-Entry Midwifery Practice Act  ~ 1999

The Myth of Vicarious Liability by Susan M. Jenkins, JD

Persecutions and Persecution of Direct-entry Midwives

Traditional Midwife Roberta Devers Scott  New York Midwifery politics
  -- historical and contemporary ~  Written Testimony for  
Sentencing Hearing November 4th 1996- 

Correspondence with the Medical Board of California

Written Testimony MBC-DOL Public Hearing on Reg. 1379.21 opposition to a written supervisory agreement between licensed midwives and physicians

Documentation (synopsis) submitted with testimony for Public Hearing on Reg. 1379.21

MBC-Midwifery Committee Meeting #3, June 6, 1994 Tape 1-b (Dr. Shelly Scalla, Tape 2 -a (Senator Killea), Tape 2-b (Judge Cologne)

MBC-Midwifery Implementation Committee Meeting #6-- Transcript for September 94 (Nancy Chavez, Anitia Scuri, JD)

Statement of Problem and Proposal for Amendment of LMPA - Replace "supervision" with "collaboration"

Letter to Dr. Friedman on physician supervison subsequent to the May 1997 Medical Board meeting of the Division of Licensing

Dr Schumacher, neonatalogist, MBC MEMBER ~ Mfry response to his negative comments on home-based midwifery care

Dr Joas, Chairman of the Midwifery Licensing Committee

Request for MBC quarterly meeting to be broadcast on cable

Deputy Dir. Doug Laue, Citizen Oversight -- and requesting increased use of Public Letters of Reprimand, 1995

A Balanced Approach to Medical Board Discipline/LPR

List of 15 Recommendations for Medical Board Oversight (requiring written practice protocols between midwives and physician supervisors)

Jay DeFuria -- Joint Legislative Sunset Review Committee , 1997

Joint Legislative Sunset Review Committee -- MBC -- Correspondence


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