Midwifery is not the Practice of Medicine
  Legal and legislative Issues

Quick-finder Index of Articles
about Midwifery
, Medicine and the Law

Text of Adopted Decision
1999 case against California Licensed Midwife Alison Osborn
Administrative Law Judge dismissed charges after extensive hearing

  Text for Amicus Curiae Briefs ~ Osborn Case
(1) filled by California Citizens for Health Freedom
(2) and the California College of Midwives

  The 1976 Bowland Decision and Abortion
- upholding the legalization of abortion
while criminalizing midwifery

1996 Kansas Supreme Court Decision
Ruling that Midwifery is Not the Practice of Medicine


Joint Legislative Sunset Review Committee -- MBC -- Correspondence

Roberta Devers Scott Sentencing Hearing November 4th 1996- New York Midwifery politics -- historical and contemporary

NEW Autonomous Scope of Practice for Nurses, Nurse Midwives and Direct-entry Midwives & Vicarious Liability Issues in Professional Midwifery -- Legislative background in California

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