American College of Community Midwives

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for Improving  Healthcare

historical and contemporary document from original and secondary sources

Long set -- Full length books  Ofor the studious


 A - Topics -->   General healthcare and medical education and practice

Original Google Book ~ published 1910 ~ 386 pages
Entire original Carnegie Bulletin #4   the Flexner Report)  

B - Topics --> Maternity care, evidence-base practice and midwifery

Original Google Book ~ published 1914 ~ 133 pages 
Entire Original Twilight Sleep: A Simple Account of the New Discoveries in Painless Childbirth ~ written by Dr Henry Smith Williams, MD, published in 1914    
                               Has navigational "BOOKMARKS" if opened in Acrobat PDF program
The Expectant Mother ~ The Mother and Her Child ~ 1924 
       By William S. & Lena K. Sadler, M.D 
          Written for lay public & published in Women's magazines
            (1) Pregnancy including advice to never use the services of a midwife
                (2) Childbirth includes Twilight Sleep, other anesthetics
                     (3) Newborn  care and development
                         (4) Infant Feeding ~ Breast and Bottle




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