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Evidence-Based Midwifery Practice

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American College
of  Community Midwives

A professional organization
for Community Midwives

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Excerpts from Synopsis Cochrane Data Base  ~ Systemic Review of  Evidence-based Maternity Care Tables 1-6 + Women's Position
in 2nd Stage
Ob.Gyn publication three articles praising  midwives -- 

MDs find Midwives Offer High Standard of Care

Midwife present Solutions to  Arrested 2nd Stage 

Midwife's Level of Experience Key plus Rules for Successful Collaboration

Technical Bulletin No. 5 ~ Meconium ~ Delivery Management of light to moderate Mec in Vigorous Term Neonates -- Cochrane Date Base Abstract recommends against routine endotrechael intubation

Archived Articles of Interest ~ Practice Issues for Midwives 

Index & URL for the Oldest (20th Century) Previously Published Articles