Articles of Interest to Midwives

 Excerpts from April 1998 OB GYN News "Normal Baseline FHR - Doesn't Rule Out Hypoxia" -- identifying the 4 types of   intrapartum fetal distress, how to recognize them using intermittent auscultation

Aetna US Healthcare Denies Coverage for Home-based Birth Services, terminates CNM for providing domiciliary midwifery care --  ACDM letter to Aetna in reponse

Five great  articles from Bandolier Evidence-based health care web site   ~  produced monthly in Oxford for the NHS R&D  /   August 1998 Issue  54

Epidurals increase caesarean section rate

The GP's guide to home birth --  advise for General Practitioners in the UK

Antibiotics for Acute Otitis Media

Evidence-informed Patient Choice

Latex Allergy

Alligator alley - The Paling Perspective Scale --  a simple way of communicating risks (to the public and each other), and is the central feature of a book Up to your Armpits in Alligators by John Paling

Intrapartum Administration of Ampicilln Prophylaxis in GBS Mothers May Raise Risk of  Neonatal E. Coli Infection

Client Information & Consent  for Group B Streptococcal Infections

Recent Ob.Gyn publication carries 3 articles praising  midwives --
Midwife's Level of Experience Key plus Rules for Successful Collaboration
MDs find Midwives Offer High Standard of Care
Midwife present Solutions to Arrested Second Stage Labor

The British Journal of Midwifery - now available on the Internet

"The Battle Over Home Delivery" by Karen  Ann Coburn -- an interesting article in the October issue of  GOVERNING  magazine

"Midwives Under Fire" -- this month's cover story in Minnesota Parents Magazine by Katie Allison Granju

Commentary by Susan Hodges,Citizens for Midwifery,  on the ACNM "Issue Brief" regarding the establishments of training programs for direct entry midwives by ACNM

Text of ACNM's Recent Developments in Midwifery Certification

  Special Circumstances Informed Consent / Informed Declination -- VBAC, Macrosomia, Twins, postdates

The Use of Medical Grade Super Glue for Perineal Lacerations

Policy Changes  from the   Office of Vital Records 
regarding the birth registration by midwives of  babies born at home
total documents - 6 - cover letter, policy-setting letter,
Packets A, B, C and affidavitt

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