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Cesarean Section
Prevention & Complications 

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of  Community Midwives

A professional organization
for Community Midwives

General Content

21st Century Publication 
& Archive for 20th Century

The Myth of the Ideal Cesarean Section Rate  
Commentary & Historic Perspective

~ American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 2005
Clinical Opinion by Dr. Ronal M. Cyr, MD 
Fellow in the History of American Obstetrics and Gynecology


Cesarean Section Delivery Rates and Pregnancy Outcomes: 
2005 WHO Global Survey in Latin America ~ Lancet


Antenatal Fear of Childbirth and its association with subsequent 
Cesarean Sections and experience of childbirth ~ Sweden: BJOG 2006 

Placenta Previa / 
Placenta Accreta / 
Percreta -- Predictable Complication of Cesarean  
& Instrumentation of Uterus

Statistical Reports on CS & VBAC rate from CDC and other sources of Vital Stats 

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and Uterine Rupture Rates  
in California for 1995  
Obstet Gynecol 94:985-9, 1999,  includes  additional material ~  Risk Ratios  
                 VBAC Wins!"
Once A Cesarean, Alwasy a Controversy VBAC  
article by
Dr. Bruce Flamm. MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology

VBAC Issues

ACOG Guidelines -- in Oct of 1998 ACOG re-classified labor subsequent to CS as the highest risk category -- mandatory continuous EFM and the re-emergence of scheduled elective Cesareans for mothers plan to give birth in community hospitals do no have 24 hours anesthesia & surgical scrub teams
Full-size textbook photo of Cesarean surgery -- 28 step-by-step pictures, 4 to a page.
 Click links at bottom of each page to move consecutively thru the entire series
Caution -- this page links to graphic textbook photos of cesarean surgery

Archive of Older Studies (20th Century)

Uterine Rupture During VBAC Trial Of Labor: Relative to Trial  of Labor VBAC Decision Making Informative Excerpts for "Informed Consent"  Aug 2003

CS for Fetal Distress
~  A Practical Approach -- OBG Management 1997

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