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 Sample Informed Consent / Informed Declination -- VBAC 

  ACOG Guidelines  -- the bad news is that in Oct of 1998 ACOG took a big step backwards, re-classifying labor subsequent to CS as the highest risk, with mandatory continuous EFM and the re-emergence of scheduled elective Cesareans for mothers who plan to give birth in community hospitals which do no have 24 hours anesthesia and surgical scrub teams The Birth and Life of Catherine Grace -- one family's story of  an attempted VBAC & subsequent uterine rupture occurred (for peace of mind, please don't read if your currently pregnant)
  VBAC Alert - Placenta Previa / Placenta Accreta/Percreta
article by Dr. Bruce Flamm. MD, reprinted Obstetrics and Gynecolo
Annotated VBAC Bibliography -- compilied, maintained &   updated quarterly by Ken Turkowski, research scientist & VBAC father of Catherine Grace (see file above)
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