A Photographic Record of the Physiological Management of Normal Childbirth,
Neonate, Father and New Family

Spontaneous Labor ~ Upright and Mobile Mother; Walking in Labor; One-on-One Labor Support;





Use of Showers and Deep Water for Non-Drug Pain Relief; Right Use of Gravity



Spontaneous Natural Birth as the baby moves out and up into the motherís arms





Mother Receives and Welcomes Her New Baby



Father Welcomes New Baby and Congratulates the New Mom,


Mother Breastfeeds for the first time


Father (and others!) gets a chance to hold the new baby     


Basking the Glow of the New Baby


Happy, Healthy Families





           me     my daughter Shawn, born in back seat of our car on the way to the hospital and my grandson Devin, @ 2 y/o

                      My 3 children ~ Shawn, Todd and Holly ~ and newest grandson, Rory, born at home July 19, 1997

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