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History of Cesarean Section
The Labor of Love Pregnancy and Parenting Search Engine

Maternity Care Practitioners -- Midwives and Physicians, etc:

* MIDIRS, Midwives Information and Resource Service


Visit at:

or follow the links below to the sections of interest to you.



The midwife archives for " are at:

There's a section on "Online and Offline information" that contains that URL and related useful ones.

- Ronnie Falcao, LM

Subject: Continuing medical education --

Enclosed with an ad for OB/GYN Clinical Alert was a little card directing one to http://www/ . Free registration, areas of clinical interest, lit reviews and special articles, test-taking and grading on line. $15 for 1.5 hrs AMA Category 1 credit. Tests graded on line and certificates delivered immediately via email.

Anyone used this yet?

Betsy Hyde CNM
Branford, CT
midwife in private ob/cnm practice
assistant clinical professor/yale


I have not used the site you mention, but CME it is getting hot on the WWW. The following site offers free CEs and prints out the certificate if you get a score of > 70%.

Peace, Terry J. DuBose, M.S., RDMS; Assistant Professor
Program Director, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences,
Fellow, AIUM


I copied this from the homepage of the United Kingdom's Association of Radical Midwives lest you think that they are radical outside the field of midwifery. Their address is:

Warmest Regards, Angela Cross


In the mid 70s, induction of labour by A.R.M.
(Artificial Rupture of Membranes) on the "due" date was almost routine everywhere. These initials were used when the group needed a name, using the dictionary definition of "radical", i.e. roots, origins, basics, etc., which
illustrated the basic midwifery skills which they hoped to revive. The word "radical"has been the subject of periodical debates within the Association, some members being concerned that midwives who support the aims of the Association are being discouraged from joining due to the political implications of the word. However, as midwives are increasingly realising that it is no bad thing to become politically aware in the face of threats to the professional autonomy of midwifery, these concerns are less urgent today.


Don't have a gestational wheel? Can't find it (my case!)? Left it at the office? Here's one online!

Go to

Suzanne Powell, ICCE
childbirth educator & doula
Partum Me! Educational & Support Services
Peachtree City, Ga.

Visit my WWW site at


Premature Delivery Rate


The farm web page.


I have found an interesting site. It contains
reviews of recent literature and then makes recommendations for clinical practice. The URL is


I just received a Reuters article from a friend of mine regarding current research on preeclampsia. The whole text of the article can be found at


Web page with pictures of a placenta with a succenturiate lobe.

ManaMW's Home Page
Debbie Pulley


Do a database search for articles by Harris J Finberg. He has written several articles about the placenta and variations. You could also search the archives for the discussions concerning placenta and placental migration, which is related to vasa previa.

Terry J. DuBose, M.S., RDMS; Assistant Professor
Program Director, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences,

VOICE: 501-686-6510 FAX: 501-686-5613


Here is a web site for an
OB-gyn journal online. They have some interesting articles you can read and download and some you must be a subscriber to see. I especially liked the one on PROM which said that as long as everything was normal for mom and baby you could let them go for 48 hours. I think I will mail that one to some of the docs around here!

Take care,
Janet in Santa Cruz, CA

*Honor Labor*Honor Birth*


The Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery & Herbology has a new web page! Visit us at or e-mail MSTM also publishes a quarterly newsletter, The "CALLING". Writers are welcome to submit articles on topics relating to childbirth, mothering, herbs, midwifery & women's health. Send us your views, we hope to hear from you!

Casey Makela, Director MSTM
Telephone interviews with experts in OB/Gyn for publication on the first in this series is located at:

It is an interview with Dr. Moise about Rh disease..

I did a yahoo search on "emergency Contraception" and Voila', there was my whole talk, right there on the screen, complete with handouts. It is the "emergency contraception hotline" website at

If you haven't seen it, give it a whirl. Wonderful info there that could prevent a lot of unplanned pregs and abortions.

Jude Kurokawa, CNM
Wolf Point, MT
A coyote midwife sits by the hole and waits...


The 5th World Symposium of Computers in Obstetrics, Neonatology and
will be held in Hong Kong, 10-14 November 1997.


new list for family doctors doing maternity care

I'm forwarding information on a new list I'm running for family doctors doing and teaching maternity care. I know there are a few other family docs who participate on this list. Unfortunately, like earlier versions of this list, there is no digest option, so we'll try to be careful.

FAMDEL, or FAMILY DOCTORS DELIVER, is an E-mail list for members of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Group on Family Centered Perinatal Care. It is directed at group members, and others teaching and providing pregnancy care in Family Medicine. The purpose of the list is to provide a forum for discussing issues related to pregnancy care in family medicine education, establishing cooperative projects and research, and facilitating communication between group members. The list is open to all who are interested. Differences of opinion are expected and respected.

To Subscribe to the FAMDEL list, send an email message:

Subject: (leave blank)
Message Text: subscribe FAMDEL (your full name)

For further information about the FAMDEL list, please send email to:

Kate Patterson Neely


ACE Graphics is proud to announce the creation of a new website, devoted to childbirth education, pregnancy, birth and midwifery.

ACE Graphics is one of the leading providers of workshops, teaching aids, and educational resources, as well being the first to offer a graduate diploma in childbirth education. Details of all these services can be found on our website at:

So for the latest news, resources, books, videos, charts, teaching models and workshops, be sure to visit! And no matter where you are in the World, we can provide you with prompt, friendly, mail-order service.

Andrea Robertson
ACE Graphics
Associates in Childbirth Education

My computer/science/astronomy/medicine/car/kid geek was surfing today and found an article on this at the ScienceNow page about Group B Strep during pregnency at

Kelly Mohr RN, L&D
Aspiring CNM
" Listen to your inner voice. Trust in your deep inner wisdom, for your
heart will always tell you what you seek to know." Anais Nin

Patrick Hublou
Subject: "Want to know more about midwifery?"

Want to know more about midwifery?

A selection of resources * Updates welcome at: <> *
- June 8, 1997 -

* Read or participate in, a Usenetgroup for midwives and a forum to discuss midwifery.

For more information
This is the address to contact all moderators.

* Join A Use net group for those interested and involved in obstetrics and gynecology. On the Web:

Information (Kelvin Tan & Geffrey Klein)

* Join the
Midwife-list: Midwife-list @ mailto:

Type in the body of the text only: "subscribe" (no quotes).
Discussion by all kinds of midwives about birth and living life as a midwife.

* Apply for membership on one of Ms. Zelda Collett-Paule's lists:
* Midwives-list:
for selected practicing midwives only
* Birth center-midwives-list:
for midwives practicing in BC's (Zelda Collett-Paule)

* Join "
Vroedvrouw & Zwangerschap" a mailinglist in Flemish/Dutch and Afrikaans by dropping a note to (Patrick Hublou)

* Visit Ms. Donna Dolezal Zelzer's
"The On-line birth center" at or subscribe to her "OLB News" by sending a message to with <subscribe obcnews> in the body. For info, write to with <info obcnews> in the body.

* Conferences organized by
Midwifery Today Inc. are listed at:

Midwifery Today Inc., PO Box 2672, Eugene, OR 97402, U.S.A.
Phone: 800-743-0974, Fax: 541-344-1422,

WWW Sites for Midwives:

* Marilyn's Midwifery Page

* Go and discover

* The bibliography FAQ provides a selection of books on midwifery and can be download at:

* Ms. Katy Jacobson, , created "The Purple Midwifery Page" that can be found at:

* "Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities"
If you've ever suspected that a lot of standard medical birthing practices are wrong, you'll find proof in Henci Goer's essential book, "Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities".
The website
includes the entire chapter on episiotomy.

* For information regarding how to obtain for free the offical
'Dutch Obstetrical Guidelines', in Dutch or translated in English, (Patrick Hublou)

* Check out and subscribe to the newsletter they issue.

The UPDATE newsletter subscribe and unsubscribe forms may be found at: Your contactperson: Ms. Pat Sonnenstuhl



SIM Quarterly Issue 1, June 1997 (ISSN 1368-1591) is now available at:

Details regarding the
Society for the Internet in Medicine are at:

In this Issue...

Editorial: Beyond MEDNET: a welcome to SIM Quarterly,
an official publication of the Society for the Internet and Medicine (Bruce C. McKenzie).

In brief: The issue of pharmaceutical company Internet advertizing; initiatives to improve the quality of medical information on the Web (Bruce C. McKenzie). COPINE, a network initiative aiding health care in Africa; US Veterans Admininstration
emerging pathogens initiative (Jack Woodall).

Columns: Our first Columns come from the British Healthcare Internet Association (Ahmad Risk) and MEDINET,
a non-profit health professional network in Bangladesh (Abul Azad).

Reviews: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man and the World Health Organisation Web sites (Frank Norman).
Infectious Diseases Web site for western New York (Jack Woodall).

An introduction to HTML using a concise online slide presentation (Clare Sansom and Alan Mills).

Views and position papers:
Guidelines on the use of e-mail in communications with patients (Beverley Kane).

Short papers: Special Report: Outbreak meets the Internet: global
epidemic monitoring by ProMED-mail (Jack Woodall).

Meeting reports: The Visible Human Project Lecture, National Science A
medical dictionary for word processors (Trefor Roscoe).

Your contributions are most welcome. Please see the instructions to authors and method of submission at:

Bruce McKenzie
Editor, SIM Quarterly


Why not try the "Memorix" series? Published by Chapman & Hall Medical, 115 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003 USA, edited by Thomas Rabe. They sell for about US$15. These are small compendiums of tables and flow diagrams. There is one for OB and one for GYN (and for neurology, for emergency medicine, peds, for surgery, for physiology etc...) I like 'm.

I searched and found the web site at

The books mentioned above can be found below:

0,4541,TEXT,chaphall,004194 )

Obstetrics: 5424,TEXT,chaphall,002739 )

Nosocomial (hospital) acquired, antibiotics resistant infection

From Ronnie Falcao, LM: I've been making a special study of nosocomial (hospital-acquired) and antibiotic-resistant infections and am committed to keeping my pages updated with new information, especially with the antibiotic-resistant news.

Recent News Reports about Hospital-Acquired Infections and Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

References to More Scientific Sources of Information about Hospital-Acquired Infections and Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Questions and Answers about Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus


History of Cesarean Section

Tip from Robert E. Berg, M.D.

One of the most interesting sites I've ever seen on the web (at the National Library of Medicine) is "Cesarean Section - A Brief History." I encourage everybody on the list to (not to sound like an advertisement, but...) point your web browser to


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