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Expert Reviewers -- "Generally Accepted Practices"
 ~ Characteristics of Clinical Competency for Professional Practitioners
Specific Instructions

The enclosed/web site post for  the Generally Accepted Practices for community-based midwifery  attempts to document the traditional wisdom of midwifery while simultaneously to reconciling it with the best science-based resources and examples of midwifery- friendly "authorities". I ask that you read it and you are welcome to email me with  editorial comments. I would like to hear back from expert reviewers within 6 weeks if at all possible.

While it aims to be all things to all people, you can bet that it will not please everyone, perhaps, almost no one. However, it isn’t written in stone and we are aiming at general acceptability via integration of people’s suggestions in future versions.

The major points of feedback are:

1. Do you agree with 90% of the established criteria?

2. Can you live with the 10% (or so) that is not your first choice?

3. As a community-based midwife, do you believes that you would be able to practice under this criteria in spite of aspects you may find objectionable?

4. If you are NOT a midwife, do you believe domiciliary midwives should practice under this criteria?

5. Are there specific criteria that you cannot condone and if so, what is your alternative suggestion? (feel free to attach additional pages or just call me on the phone if the answer to this question is lengthy).

List of Expert Reviewers and those who have 
adopted the GAP for Community-based Midwifery

       The following advisors in various public health fields and experienced midwives have received a copy to review (underlined names). Those names in bold type completed their review and contributed editorial changes to the Generally Accepted Practices:

Renee Anker, LM, California-licensed community midwife, CALM director
Kate Bowland, CNM, Mother, Community Midwife, 1972 - present
Robbie Davis-Floyd
, Ph.D., VBAC Mother, Medical Anthologist, CIMS member
Donna Driscoll, LM, CPM, Mother of twins, Community-based Midwife 1975-1990, in private practice in obstetrical group Palo Alto Clinic Foundation 1991- present
Karen Ehrlich, LM California-licensed community midwife, 1979 to present
Ronnie, Falaco, LM, private practice Mid-Peninsula SF area
Faith Gibson, LM, CPM, Lic. former L&D and ER nurse (17 years), Community Midwife, 1981- to present, Medical Board Liason, ACDM/CCM & CAM, former administrator, professional liability consortium, participant in Delphi group on defining the expert practice of midwifery (published in Journal Nurse Midwifery)    
Henci Goer,
Mother, ASPO Birth Educator, Medical Researcher, CIMS member, Author Obstetrical Myths Vs Research Realities & The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth
Lucinda Johnston-Chizar, LM; California-licensed community midwife, 1984 to present
Carol Knight, MD, CPM, MD-Midwife, home-based birth practice 1983 to present
Connie Latinen, RN, LM, Mother, former president, California Association Midwives
Alison Osborn, LM, California-licensed community midwife, 1984 to present

Received a hard copy of the GAP but have not returned or submitted comments or editorial changes
Marsden Wagner, MD, Perinatalogist, Perinatal epidemiologist, former Director of Maternal Child Health / Cal State Department of Public Health, former Regional Officer for Women’s and Children’s Health, WHO/Europe
Peter Schlenzka, Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University, author  "Safety of Alternative Approaches to Childbirth, 1999
Catherine Dower, Attorney, UCSF Center for Professions/Pew Report on
Joanne Ceiko-Meyers, Director Seattle Midwifery School
Ina May Gaskin, LM, Tennessee, Former MANA president, author Spiritual Midwifery, founder of “The Farm” midwifery program
Susan Hodges, President, Citizens for Midwifery
Pat Burch, MD, Mother, Obstetrician, CIMS member, Founder "Physicians for Midwives"

Harvey Kayman, MD, Pediatrician and Master’s Student in Public Health
Jan Tritinton, Midwife and publisher ~ Midwifery Today
Susan Stone, CNM, Mother, Hospital-based Midwife, former homebirth practice, lobbyist for CNMA
Janet Hoover, LM, manager for a hospital-based lactation clinic


The following professional midwives have adopted these Generally Accepted Practices (formally titled “Characteristics of Clinical Competencies) as the standard of care for their home-based midwifery practice:

Alison Osborn, LM, CPM, Grass Valley, California *

Anne Whitten, LM, CPM, Miami, Florida *

Renee Anker, LM, Woodside, California *

Joanna Baldwin, LM, Santa Clara, California *

Cecilia Balboa, Lm, Pembroke Pines, Florida *

Carolyn Bell, CNM, Guerneville, California *

Claudette Coughenour, LM, CPM Petaluma, California *

Maria Delcampillo, LM, Miami, Florida _

Mary Earhart, LM, Thermal, California *

Kimberly Ferguson, LM, CPM, Wilton, California *

Michelle Freund, LM, Los Angles, California *

Elizabeth Gilmore,LM, CPM, Taos New Mexico *

Michele Girard, LM, CPM, Los Angles, California *

Faith Gibson, LM, CPM; Palo Alto, California *

Nadine Guierrez, LM, Miami, Florida %

Candace Gyure, LM, Miami, Florida *

Elizabeth Teria Heathwest, CNM, Albiquerque, New Mexico **

Maria Iorillo, LM, CPM San Franciso, California*

Melanie Jordan, CNM, Morgan Hill, CA %

Leticia Juan, LM; Miami, Fla _

Julia Knight Williams, LM, CPM Albuquerque, New Mexico *

Yelena Kolodji, CNM, Los Gatos, CA *

Connie Laitinen, RN, LM, CPM; Olympia Valley, CA *

Shauna M. McCosh, LM, Silver City, NM *

Cathy Mathews, LM, Sarasota, Fla * w/ MD consent

Andrea Melin, LM, Encinitas, CA *

Nkemdilim Ndeto, CNM; Santa Monica, CA *

Katheryn Newburn, CNM Burlingame, CA * (rare, criteria v. strict)

Joan Norris, LM, CPM  San Cristobal NM  *

Dahlma Ogundipe, RN / MSN, CNM _

Barbara Pepper, LM, Albuquerque, NM *

Marci Salmon, CNM, Orange, CA *

D Lynne Salzburg, LM, Gainsville, Fla

Kimberly Schell, LM; Florida, *

Christine Schoenbrun, CNM * (hosp privileges)

Julie Schochet, LM, CPM; Taos, NM *

Louana Seibold, RN Santa Monica, CA * (standard practices)

Hilary Schlinger, LM, CPM; Albuquerque, NM *

Karni Seymour-Brown, LM, CPM; Ventura, CA *

Tova Siegel, CNM; Los Angles, CA *

Mary Ann Smith, CNM Gainsville, Fla *

Diane Smith, LM, Ramona CA *

Deborah Stein, LM, CPM; North Miami Beach, Fla *

Paula Tepton Healy, LM, CPM; Encino, CA *

Frances Torgussen, CNM, San Pedro, CA **

Kate Trieschmannm LM, CPM; Toas, NM *

Joanne Vardi, CNM, Gainsville, Fla *

Lisa Wick, LM, Boca Raton, Fla, *

Janis Zloto, LM, CPM, NP Albuquerque, NM *

Merna Black, LM; Carlsbad, NM

Mary Jackson, RN, LM; Ventura, CA *

Mary Lou Singleton, LM, CPM; Albuquerque, NM *

Donna Driscoll, LM, CPM; Palo Alto, CA *

Karen Ehrlich, LM, CPM; Felton, CA *
Ronnie, Falaco, LM; Mountain View, CA *

Lucinda Johnston-Chizar, LM; Marina, California *
Total of 65 midwives, 52 LM/CPMs; 13 CNM/RNs -- 61 provide VBAC care, 2 do not and 2 don't provide birth services

Asterisk * indicates VBAC care, ** if limited to women with a prior vaginal birth; % indicates NO; an under line _ indicates new graduate or other midwife that does not provide any birth services


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