Midwifery and Organized Medicine
~ a Political Marriage made in Hell


Hundred Years War 

by Organized Medicine To Eliminate the Independent Practice of Midwives

The Historical Connection between Roe v Wade & Mfry

Department of Dirty Tricks, 
Organized Medicine, 
circa 2001

Legislative Testimony

 Letter from the California College of Midwives to 
California Association of Obstetricians & Gynecologist 
Re: Liable Suit against OBs for false claims 

 Aetna US Healthcare Denies Coverage for Home-based Birth Services, 
terminates CNM for providing domiciliary midwifery care
--  ACDM letter to Aetna in reponse

Transcript and Rebuttal 
to Good Morning America's June 20th program

on medically unnecessary elective c-sections to avoid the infrequent and non-fatal complications of normal childbirth,
with Dr. Marsden Wagner and Dr. Benson Harer,  president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Keeping Midwifery Alive in the 1990s -- reprint of an article by Alan Solaris

The Historical Connection Between 
Decriminalization of Abortion
and the Criminalization of Midwifery

Roe V. Wade -- the Use of the Supreme Court abortion decision 
as foundation to criminalize traditional midwifery (Synoptic version)

The Bowland Decision and Abortion -- An Aside (long, original version)

California Legislation Issues 

Faith's  written testimony           
SB 1479 ~March 13th Senate Hearing

Unworkability of Physician Supervision
of Community Midwives

Statements from Medical Board meetings 
reveals the unworkability of Physician Supervision

History of Midwifery Politics

Official Plan to Eliminate the Midwife  ** 
The Historical Story of the Hundred Years War 
Against Midwives by Organized Medicine 


Citation Key to the OPEM **

Contributions of Historical Midwives to the 
Art and Science of Modern Medicine 

Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine -- 1910-1930 -- 
an important piece of the political puzzle between 
modern-day obstetrics and midwifery

 International Journal of Domiciliary Midwifery
~ Subdirectory for Historical Archive 
spanning 1820 to 1950, 
incl background material for the OPEM 

Archive of Letters and Essays on Mfry-related Politics

Utah Midwives Conference, 1998
On the Official Plan to Eliminate the Independent Practice of Midwifery
 in the USPresentation by Faith Gibson, at the 

Address given at the UMC ( material from overheads)

Overview of historical situation -- official plan to eliminate midwives

Fall of Midwifery and Assendency of Medicine -- details of the story

Statistical Validation of the Midwifery Model of Care -- early decades of 20th century


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