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kGeneral Controversies & News in Health Care
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Good, the Bad and the Ugly 

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       Midwifery Topics in the Public Press   

   American Public Health Association passes resolution calling for 
Increasing Access To Out-Of-Hospital Maternity Care Services 
Through State-Regulated and Nationally-Certified Direct-Entry Midwives

This is a very important acknowledgement of the safety of skilled midwifery, home-based
 birth services and the value of NARM certification of direct-entry midwives

National Organization of Women's Resolution acknowledging
the right of healthy childbearing women to control the manner and circumstance 
of their labor and birth and to the choice of midwifery caregivers and 
community-based birth services, including home birth

The Aachen Declaration  

On  Midwifery 
for All

1st European Congress for 
Out-of-Hospital Births,  
Aachen, Aken, Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany  
28 September 01 October 2000  

Background Material 
"An Introduction to the Aachen Declaration"

Aachen Declaration ~ Progress to date - 22 April 2001 

International Midwifery News

General Controversies & 
News in Health Care

This week's pick for the
Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

Study finds 
Birth After 40 signals 
Long Life Ahead 

Home Visit Help Poor, Unwed Moms Spend Less Time on Welfare

Patients Kept Warm During Surgery ~
reduced post-op infections,  shorter hospital stays

The Bad 

Ear Infections Resist Common Antibiotics

Am Assoc of Physician & Surgeons Votes to Oppose Mandatory Vaccines Mandatory Vaccines for Children

Herpes Is Hazardous to Newborns When Primary Infection Occurs Late in Pregnancy

The Ugly

US Health Care System sometimes harmful, even fatal, study says

Deadly Germ Becoming Resistant to Medicine
  Vancomycin-Resistant Bacteria -- reports hospital contamination

Hospital Acquired infection -
~ mothers and babies

Maternal Death In Quebec from Necrotizing Fasciitis




Book Review

Excellent Book Review ~ Dr. Tom Strong, "Expecting Trouble", an expose
on the failure of current obstetrician-dominated form of maternity care **

National Television Debate

Transcript and Rebuttal to Good Morning America's June 20th program
on medically unnecessary elective c-sections to avoid 
the infrequent and non-fatal complications of normal childbirth,
with Dr. Marsden Wagner and Dr. Benson Harer,  president of the 
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

News About the Practice of Midwifery

  ACDM letter to Aetna in reponse
Aetna US Healthcare Denies Coverage for Home-based Birth Services, 
terminates CNM for providing domiciliary midwifery care


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News Flash ~ American Public Health Assoc passes resolution calling for wide-spread access to professional community-based birth services thur recognition of NARM "Certified Professional Midwife" credential  -- see story below on APHA....