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News FlashSafer & Better Methods of Childbirth
Discovered by Scientists

We are all familiar with media reporting of  “new” medical discoveries and scientific breakthroughs. This type of news is often reduced to a 30 second “headline news” form at such as the ‘CBS’ & repeated several times a day on all the networks and cable channels.

These hyped-up reports usually focus on a new drug, diagnostic test or medical devise expected to greatly improve the general health of the public, save money or cure a disease. However, there is one type of crucially important healthcare news that affects 4,000,000 women each and every year that has never been reported to the American public by the news media. Nor is it being taken into account in the halls of government where it accounts for 20% of the entire health care budget.

Here is an example of what a mythical “ for Better Birth Services) might say to remedy this long-standing inequity. Every word is true (scientifically-validated and generously documented) except for the “discovery” part, as what it describes has been known and used successfully for thousands of years.

The “new” method is the right use of gravity. As we all know, gravity has been around for a very long time. Right use of gravity costs nothing, has no “side-effects” and is drug-free (eliminating drugs reactions, allergies and added cost). This “new method” also includes a philosophy and set of principles best described as the “Midwifery Model of Care” in which each childbearing women is psychologically supported through out labor and is encouraged to be upright and mobile during labor and a vertical position is used for the pushing stage.

Think of how maternity care in the US would change if this information were part of the public dialogue. So far Americans have had little opportunity to inquire into the right use of high tech obstetrics on healthy women or to question the enormous expenditures of our limited healthcare dollars on maternity care that is not science-based or cost-effective – that is, obstetrical care for healthy women with normal pregnancies.

FLASH ~ Scientists discover revolutionary new methods of childbirth that can make birth safer for up to 70% of all childbearing women.

The new methods increase the mother’s natural pain-relieving hormones (beta-endorphins) and enhance her feeling of well-being so that labor-retarding pain medications are rarely needed. This shortens labor without having to use artificial hormones.

The use of these methods speeds up the pushing stage so as to reduce fetal distress and maternal exhaustion. It protects the mother’s perineium from tearing during delivery and also reduces pelvic floor problems later in the woman’s life.

                   These methods vastly reduce the need for surgical assistance during vaginal birth (forceps or vacuum extraction) and cut the Cesarean surgery rate by more than 300%. 

These new methods have a high rate of success for making childbirth easier, safer and more satisfactory for both mother and baby. Recovery from childbirth is quicker and easier. Babies born to mothers using these new techniques are healthy at birth and have with a 200% reduction in admission to NICU.

Long-term successful breastfeeding rates also rises dramatically. The risk of narcotic addiction and other drug abuse in adolesence is vastly reduced in the off-spring of mothers cared by this new method.  

In addition to the individual benefits and cost-saving to society from reduced drug addiction and related criminal behavior, these new methods save from 1/3 to 2/3 of the current expense of maternity care.

At present 20% of entire healthcare budget goes to pay for maternity care. If seven out of ten mothers were cared from under these life-preserving, cost- reducing, safety enhancing methods, the national health care budget for childbirth related services would be cut by half.

This would free up 10% of our multi-billion dollar healthcare budget for newer medical breakthroughs such as organ transplants and MediCare. For senior citizens and those without health insurance the saved money would help avoid the need to ration medical care to while benefiting mothers and babies and serving other important societal goals.

This care is available today from
professional midwives and physicians

who utilize the physiological management
of normal labor and birth.

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