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Meeting February 2002
Medical Board of California 

MBC Correspondence
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 for 2003 and 2004 &
Regulatory Hearing
 for SB 1950
August 2003 to July 2004

California College of Midwives 
 Midwifery Standard of Care

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Sunset Review May 2002, Written Testimony
List of Recommendations and Examples of Failures
CC: Senators Figueroa & Boatwright  Jay DeFuria, B&P / JLSRC 
Bob McElderry ~ CMA Frank Cuny, CCfHF,  Orange County Register

19 Appointed Members of the Medical Board -- 
Information on to contact Board Members via the Board's Web site

    General Information on Midwifery History,  
Safe Practice, Politics and  MBC Members   
   and Agency Staff of the Medical Board of California    
    and other interested parties    

Canadian Medical Association article:
Outcomes of planned home birth versus planned hospital births 
after regulation of midwifery in British Columbia

    12 Fact Sheets on Safety of Midwifery Model of Care

Attorney Steve Keller, regarding the prosecution of midwives by the MBC in 1991

Correspondence Archive  
Medical Board of California >> California College of Midwives 

MBC / Re: Licensed Midwife Dana Fox  (Link to legal resources for RT Case_June2005)

Request for MBC quarterly meeting to be broadcast on cable

Dr Schumacher, neonatalogist, MBC MEMBER ~ Mfry response to his negative comments on home-based midwifery care)

Written Testimony MBC-DOL Public Hearing on Reg. 1379.21 opposition to a written supervisory agreement between licensed midwives and physicians

Documentation (synopsis) submitted with testimony for Public Hearing on Reg. 1379.21 for Public Hearing on Reg. 1379.21

MBC-Midwifery Committee Meeting #3, June 6, 1994 Tape 1-b (Dr. Shelly Scalla, Tape 2 -a (Senator Killea), Tape 2-b (Judge Cologne)

MBC-Midwifery Implementation Committee Meeting #6-- September 94 (Nancy Chavez, Anitia Scuri)

Statement of Problem and Proposal for Amendment of LMPA - Replace "supervision" with "collaboration"

Letter to Dr. Friedman on physician supervision subsequent to the May 1997 Medical Board meeting of the Division of Licensing

Dr Joas, Chairman of the Midwifery Implementation Committee, 1994; regarding topic of Phys Supervision

Dr. Joas, Mfry Implementation committee, 1998; regarding expert review by LMs of midwifery-related quality of care issues 

Deputy Dir. Doug Laue, Citizen Oversight -- and requesting increased use of Public Letters of Reprimand, 1995

A Balanced Approach to Medical Board Discipline/LPR

List of 15 Recommendations for Medical Board Oversight (requiring written practice protocols between midwives and physician supervisors)  

Candice Cohen, Editor,  Action Report  Request in 2000 for an article in the quarterly report on Information about California Licensed Midwives, Home-based Midwifery Care and Timely Hospital Transfer  

Candace Cohen, Editor, MBC Action Report,  1994 -- RE: Publication of a survey in Action Report soliciting information from California physicians about their interest in and ability to enter into a supervisory relationship with licensed midwives

Bruce Hasenkamp, President, DOL, July 30th 1998  RE: Update on Professional Liability Insurance for Licensed Midwives & its relationship to Physician Supervision

Dr Alpert, MD, Member, Division of Licensing, MBC; April 1997 -- Re: February 7th Regulatory Hearing on Section 1379.21

Correspondence to Legislators RE MBC, Midwifery and related topics

Jay DeFuria -- Joint Legislative Sunset Review Committee , 1997

Joint Legislative Sunset Review Committee -- MBC -- Correspondence

The Honorable Brian Setencich, Speaker California State Assembly,  1995; Re:  Recommendation for appointment to the recently vacated public seat on the Medical Board of California. 

Correspondance regarding Physician Supervision 
to Stanford, ACOG, CAOG, CMA and others 

Request to Stanford Women's Clinic for back-up, domino care

American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists  

   Letter from the California College of Midwives to 
California Association of Obstetricians & Gynecologist 

California Medical Association , Vonnie Gurin, 1994

Legislative History of Medical Practice Act 
& Midwifery Licensing Laws - 1876 to 1993

Part One     Part Two    Part Three 

Good Fences Make for Good Neighbors  

Letters to the Editor, Legal Actions against Midwives -- National