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Faith with Godson Joshua Arritt,   Cape Cod MA
PHB - March 16, 1992



            Position Statements

by Faith Gibson, LM, CPM

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 Principles of
 Physiological Management
 ~ Spontaneous Labor and Birth


Baby Boy - Born to Marlis and Andy
San Francisco - March 19, 1990


 Short or Easy to Read

Normal Labor & Birth 
2- page List  ~  2001

Historical, Legal or Political 
Longer and more complex

MaternityCare 2.0
Common Sense  Childbirth
for Healthy Women in the 21st Century 

~ A new way for a new day ~ 

Faith's Eldest Grandson - 1994

Overview of Problems
Twentieth Century Maternity Care
in the US ~ Why doesn't it work
for healthy women?  2007

Four Contrasting Studies on Safety:   
1) unattended,
(2) lay midwife-attended,
 (3) professional midwife-attended
(4) obstetrician-attend
(surprise! -- lay midwives
 did the best with the least)

Man-Midwives ~
The Historical Tension
Between Midwifery & Obstetrics
During the 20th century ~ 2007

“It not so much what you say as
 what you repeat over and over again”
~  PBS News Hour, 6/28/2005,
in relationship to the war in Iraq

The Bell that Can't Be Un-rung

Ancient and Modern History of
Childbearing and Midwifery

Material for Carol Sakala ~ 2007
My Suggestion for Rehabilitating
21st Century Maternity care

1. Overview of topic
2. How normal birth became a surgical procedure performed on obstetricians
3. The principles of physiological management

Blog ~
 Rebuttal to New Yorker article
by Dr Gawande - October 2006

New York Times Guest Op-Ed
 Dec 27, 2007

Addendum accompanying NYT piece

Contemporary History
of California Medical Board
and the LMPA ~ April 2006 

 Common Sense & Semmelweis  
~ Political History of Birth 
as a Surgical Procedure
published 2006

 A plan for rehabilitating obstetrical care
for healthy women 
CEO White Paper 2004
from web site

Faith's 3 adult children and first grandbaby ~ 1993
Holly, youngest, Todd Christopher, only son and
Shawn, eldest, with her firstborn Devin

 Why and How to Reverse
 the 1976 Bowland Decision 

Story of the flawed legal theories used all over the US  by organized medicine to enforce a monopoly over normal childbirth services. This is done by criminalizing non-nurse midwives  and restricting the independent practice of CNMs through mandatory obstetrician supervision laws. All of this legal mischief hinges on California's Bowland Decision.


published as essay in 2002
The Official Plan to Eliminate
  the Midwife in the US
"... The hallmark of obstetrical quality is the prevention of the rare disaster
rather than the optimal conduct
  of the many normal cases"   

Dr. Brody 1981

Faith's Personal
and Professional History

My Retirement from duties
 as Midwifery Liaison to the
Medical Board of California

The Goodly Art of
Orifice Maintenance

Originally published in the 
Midwives Association of North America (MANA) Newsletter
December 24, 1994

Unpublished Manuscript
by Faith Gibson, LM, CPM 2008

Trapped  on the Wrong Side
of History:
The Last and Most Important
UNTOLD Story of the 20th century

The perfect storm that turned healthy women
into the patients of a surgical specialty and
normal childbirth into a surgical procedure:

Chapters 1 --> 10

Title Page & Notes on Vocabulary

Chapter One
Early years as an L&D nurse in a racially segregated hospital in the Deep South
Chapter Two
Maternity Care for Healthy Women
with Normal Pregnancies
--> Defining the problem
Chapter Three
A Plan for Correcting the Problem

Chapter four
The historical back drop for
20th century obstetrical practices

Chapter five
Practical Applications of the
New Medical Science in the Later 1800s

Chapter six
Hospitals BC – Before Common knowledge of microbiology: Hospital/Childbed Fever ~
 Institutional Diseases of the
17th, 18th, & 19th Centuries

Chapter Seven
Dr Ignaz Semmelweis and
the Allgemeines Krankenhaus

Chapter eight
20th Century Obstetrics in the US

Chapter Nine
Architects of the ‘New Obstetrics’ ~ Listerizing Birth,  Circa 1910

Chapter Ten
Catch-22 --> Interventions increases mortality rate, more deaths explained why so much intervention is necessary

Faith with Baby Brook Thomas ~ June 12, 1991


Unpublished Manuscript
 by Faith Gibson ~ September 2005

Ancient Midwifery,
Hx of Medical & Mfry,
 Politics of Medicine & Mfry,
 Evidence-Based Practice of Midwifery
 and Contemporary Research

~ the profession of midwifery
and its relationship with
organized medicine      

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Autobiographical Stuff    

The Lilly and the Rose    Chapters 1-10 copyright 2006
(1) Publishing Plan for series of Fact-based Fiction -   (2) Lilly & Rose ~ Story overview & ending