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historical and contemporary documents from original and secondary sources
Medium-length Set  N  More in-depth but not the whole enchilada!


 A - Topics -->  General healthcare and medical education and practice


Contemporary Academic Paper published 2000
The Amazing Logistics of Flexner's Fieldwork   by Mark D. Hiatt, MD, MBA
Medical Sentinel 2000;5(5):167-168. 2000 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).


PDF version ~ published 1938
The Merchants of Medicine: [seperate links for each chapter]
History and politics of the American Medical Association ~ published 1938

Dr Emanuel Josephson, MD, NY ophthalmologist. As a member of the AMA and the Medical Society of New York State, he was (expelled by both organizations for public disclosure of insider information. 

       Chapter 1     ch. 2    ch. 3     [ch.4]     ch.5     ch.6     ch.7    ch. 8     ch. 9
                   (chapters 10 thru 21 not scanned in yet)


 B - Topics --> Maternity care, evidence-base practice and midwifery

Complete Text ~ eight chapters in a WORD document - load and read one chapter one at a time
Twilight Sleep: A Simple Account of the New Discoveries in Painless Childbirth   
Chapter 1   ch. 2    ch. 3    ch. 4    ch. 5    ch. 6    ch .7    ch. 8


Official Plan to Eliminate the Midwife ~ 1900-1939 -- story and quotes: primarily source are transcripts of the American Society for the Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality 1910-1914


Marginalizing of Nurse Midwifery ~ full length paper
Social Science & Medicine 65 (2007) 610621 615 By S. Goodman, CNM
Piercing the veil: The marginalization of midwives in the United States - 2007


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