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Faith Gibson, Palo Alto, CA 1991-1993

Court Records, Correspondence & Newspapers
and other public and private documents  about the arrest and criminal prosecution of Faith as a lay midwives practicing lawfully
under the California religious exemptions clause

Demure - FG prosecution filed Jan 16, 1992 by attorneys Anne Flower-Cummings and Paul Halvonik
Letter from MBC investigator Thomas Campbell to FG in 1999 -  (pages 3 & 5 (pages 1 & 2 envelope + 4 blank). RE: Mr Campbell's refusal to correct Medical Board records that listed FG's maiden name as an "alias" as well as erroneously listing the name and driver's license of a much younger woman with a similar name, but a different birth date. These documents were used by the California Attorney General's office as additional evidence the FG had constructed multiple false identifies. This 'record' of supposed aliases were used to support the Medical Board's case that FG was engaged in criminal behavior and was a flight risk and a 50,000 bail. The bail bondsmen charged a non-refundable fee of 10% (5,000 cash paid by a former client A. T.
Letter ~ Florida Board of Registered Nursing - official document dated Aug 9, 1991 (day of the arrest), formally swearing to the California Medical Board that suspect FG and all "aliases" names provided (including the married name under which she was licensed practical nurse # 12079) was not, based on a computer search, was not and never had been licensed as a nurse in the state of Florida. FG was released from the Elwood Women's Correctional Facility at 2 am August 10th. At 9 am Monday, Aug 12th she contacted the Florida office of the BRN, gave them her licensed number and asked why there was no record since she had been licensed in Oct 1962 and worked until Oct 1976. They said "Oh, then it would be in the card file. Yes, here it is. We computerized our records in 1982 and did not include anyone that was not currently licensed at that time."
2 letters to Santa Clara County DA Paul Seidel dated Sept 22, 1991 Sheila Gholson and April Lassin in support of FG and expressing distress over the arrest