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Legal & Legislative Documents - California ~ Modern Times 1973-1993

Faith Gibson's Historical Issues in Implementation of the California Licensed Midwifery Practice Act  presented @  the 4th MBC Mfry Implementation Committee meeting June 6th 1994 Response to Dannielle Blackmore's presentation (see above) read aloud at the first Implementation meeting on March 1, 1994. 

The personal connections and/ or the professional or academic credentials that put Ms Blackmore into a position to approach the Medical Board and successfully solicit there enthusiastic cooperation in presenting this highly prejudiced report as the opening event of the very first meeting is unknown. I did meet and take with her on one occasion before she landed this bombshell and she seemed to be supportive of the right of women to choose.

Imagine my surprise on March 1 1994 to find her reading this despicable document as the formal position of the California Medical Board's attitude and beliefs about the practice of midwifery and the rights of childbearing women to choose the "manner and circumstance of  normal childbirth" (Bowland Decision, 1976).