ACDM Technical Bulletins as guides to clinical 
practice for community-based midwifery

Part Two -- 

Risk Reduction, Technical Bulletins and Clinical Practice Recommendations

for review by professionals, childbearing women 
and consumer advocates

LMPA  & "Normal Birth" & General  Risk-Reduction Strategies for California LMs & members of Community Midwives Professional Liability Insurance Consortium Midwives Professional Liability Insurance Consortium   (ACDM malpractice insurance no longer available)

Birth without Pitocin-accelerated labor, epidural, episiotomy or forceps:



Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletin No. 1 -- Principles and methods of Intermittent Auscultation (IA)

Technical Bulletin No. 2 -- Principles of IA as augmented by Episodic Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Technical Bulletin No. 3 -- Instructions for Suturing Second Degree Perineal lacerations  ~ Refresher for professional midwives, 

Technical Bulletin No. 4 ~ Maternal-Fetal Ejection Reflex, including the Five Elements for Success for normal spontaneous vaginal birth

Technical Bulletin No. 5 ~ Meconium ~ Delivery Management of light to moderate Mec in Vigorous Term Neonates -- Cochrane Date Base Abstract recommends against routine endotrechael intubation

Technical Bulletin No. 6 - General Guidelines for Expulsive Labor -- definition of  the "Perineal phase"


 UK -- National Institute for Clinical Excellence 
~ Inherited Clinical Guideline C  May 2001 The Use Of Electronic Fetal Monitoring
The use and interpretation of cardiotocography in intrapartum fetal surveillance

- Instructions for Suturing Second Degree Perineal laceration 
~ Refresher for professional midwives, 
Suitable for reprinting and including with suturing material 

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