California College of Midwives
State chapter ~ American College of Community Midwives

Section One

Termination of the Midwife-Client Relationship & Withdrawal of Service


e A Midwife shall terminate care of a Client only in accordance with this section, unless a transfer of care results from an emergency situation.


A. Once a Midwife has accepted a client, the relationship is ongoing and the midwife cannot refuse to continue to provide midwifery care to the client unless the:


1.      Client has no need of further care

2.      Client terminates the relationship

3.      Midwife formally terminates the relationship


B. The Midwife may terminate care by:


1.      providing a minimum of 14 days written notice, during which the Midwife shall continue to provide midwifery care to enable the client to select another health care provider

2.      delivering written notice to the client by certified mail, including referrals to other appropriate caregivers or institutions

3.      documenting the termination of care in midwifery records


C. After the onset of progressive labor, the Midwife shall withdraw only if she/he believes she/he is unable to care responsibly for the Client and/or newborn and the client refuses to transfer.


 The Midwife shall:

1.      document the relevant events 

2.      make attempts to ensure that the Client is not left unattended, such as contacting a responsible family member, a physician, the paramedics or other appropriate emergency personnel