Standards, Guidelines, Protocols & Policies
and Minimum Practice Requirements
For California-Licensed Community Midwives

Ě Characteristics of Clinical Competency
          associated with science-based maternity care

Table of Contents

e Preface: Bibliography & Pertinent Legal Precedents

a.  Intro & Bibliography
b.  LMPA amendment SB 1479

c.  Original 1917 Statutory Requirements for Practice under the
     California Midwife's Certificate -- repealed in 1993

eSection One: Standards & Guidelines for Practice


1A.   Standards of Practice

1B.  Midwife & Client Responsibilities

1C.  Medical Interface, Emergency Plan, other requirements of LMPA

1D.  Termination of Midwife- Client Relationship & Withdrawal of Service

1E.   Prohibitions in the Practice of Midwifery

1F.   Recording Keeping for Professional Midwives

1G.  Professional Relationships between Physicians &Midwives
1H.  Practice Protocols and Policies
1I.    Protocols & Criteria for Moderate Risk Labor & Birth

e Section Two: Consultation // Minimum Practice Requirement

2A.  Criteria for Client Selections  ~ Eligibility for Domiciliary Birth Services
2B.  Safe Environment for Planned Home Birth
2C.  Equipment & Administration of Medications

2D.  Emergency Care & Emergency Transfer

2E.  Minimum Practice Requirements ~ Antepartum Care

2F.   Physician Consult and Transfer of Care ~ Antepartum

2G.  Minimum Practice Requirements ~ Intrapartum / L&D

2H.  Physician Consult and Transfer of Care ~ Intrapartum / L&D

2I.    Minimum Practice Requirements ~ Postpartum

2J.  Physician Consult and Transfer of Care ~ Postpartum

2K.  Minimum Practice Requirements ~ Neonatal

2L.  Physician Consult and Transfer of Care ~ Neonatal

2M.  Assessing the Neonate

2N.  Instructions for Parents on Newborn Care


e Section Three: Administrative Obligations of Professional Practice


3A.  Biennial Reporting of Client Information

3B.  Notification of Transfers Involving Significant Morbidity or Mortality

3C.  Mortality/Morbidity ~ Individual Responsibility & Peer Review

3D.  Incident Report Forms and Instructions to Memorialize Unusual Events

3E.  Configuration for Peer Review Committee and Quorum for Business

e Section Four: Sample Informed Consent & Miscellaneous Documents


4A.   Sample of New Client Disclosure & Informed Consent for Domiciliary Midwifery Care

4B.   GBS information from CDC and consent /decline CDC guidelines

4C.   Sample Information and Consent /Decline ~ Routine Newborn Ophthalmic Prophylaxis

4D.   Sample information and Consent /Decline ~ Routine Administration of Vitamin K

4E.   Sample Intrapartum Informed Consent for Domiciliary Labor and/or Spontaneous Birth

4F.    Samples of “Special Circumstances” Informed Consent for OOH Labor/Birth

4G.   State of New Hampshire Regulations for Domiciliary VBAC with LMs


e Section Five: Sample of Chart Forms Community-based Midwifery Care, Parent Handouts and other associated documents


5A.  Antepartum Intake & History

5B.  Routine Prenatal Visits

5C.  Intrapartum Labor & Birth Chart

5D.  Neonatal Chart ~ Synopsis of Birth, Exam & Gestational Age Assessment

5E.  Birth Record, Immediate and Extended Postpartum/Postnatal Care

5F.  Informational Booklet for Parents on Newborn Behavior