California College of Midwives
State chapter ~ American College of Community Midwives


Section Two C

Minimum Practice Requirements regarding APPROPRIATE EQUIPMENT:


h The Midwife is equipped to assess and support maternal, fetal, and newborn well-being; to maintain a clean, aseptic or sterile technique as indicated; to conduct deliveries; to treat maternal hemorrhage; to resuscitate mother or infant; and to repair 1st and 2nd degree perineal laceration or episiotomy incision.

Minimum Practice Requirements regarding ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATIONS:


h Upon the administration of any medication(s), the Midwife shall document in the clientís chart the type of medication(s), the reason for its administration, the name of medication, its dosage, the method of administration, site, date, time, and the medicationís effect.

Administration of Medications by a Midwife:

1.      Oxygen intrapartum or postpartum for maternal, fetal or neonatal distress

2.      Lactated Ringers administered intravenously for hydration or as an accompaniment to treatment for excessive postpartum bleeding

3.      Pitocin administered by intramuscular injection or intravenous drip, in an emergency situation for the control of postpartum hemorrhage

4.      Methergine, orally or intramuscularly for excessive postpartum bleeding,

5.      Local anesthetic such as Xylocaine hydrochloride, one or two percent, administered by infiltration, for the postpartum repair of tears, lacerations, and episiotomy

6.      Cetacaine, applied topically to minor perineal lacerations or painful hemorrhoids

7.      Prophylactic ophthalmic ointment for newborn

8.      Vitamin K, orally or intramuscularly, for newborn; for the prevention of acute and late onset hemorrhagic disease of the infant

9.      Rh Immune Globulin, administered by intramuscular injection, for an unsensitized client with Rh negative type blood to prevent Rh disease

10.  Epinephrine for life-threatening allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock

11.  Additional medications as prescribed by a physician