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historical and contemporary documents from original and secondary sources
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 A - Topics -->  General healthcare and medical education and practice

                         History of AMA, NMA, and the Flexner Report of 1910

 Commentary & Excerpts Bulletin #4 ~ in a WORD document
commonly known as the Flexner Report

Total of 5 documents including a bio and background of A. Flexner; Commentary and quotation on the Flexner Report taken from multiple sources, including the JAMA and two additional documents

Carnegie Bulletin #4 ~Introduction by President Henry S. Pritchett
These few pages contain an excellent synopsis of the prior agenda and backroom dealing of organized medicine that so influenced the survey undertaken by Flexner and the recommendations published in the 386-page Carnegie Bulletin #4.

  1820  Medical beliefs about women practitioners as being mentally "unfit"
1881  Medical beliefs about women being physically unfit to work do to menstruation


B - Topics --> Maternity care, evidence-base practice and midwifery

50 pages - Intro and best excerpts from all 8 chapters of this book
Download as WORD document "TWILIGHT SLEEP" ~ (1) Intro & Quotes, (2) lengthy excerpts from Chapter 6, 7, and 8, (3) Chapters 1 thru 5; (4) additional quotes and excerpts about obstetrical education by Dr. J. Whitridge Williams, Dr. DeLee and other early obstetricians published in the transactions of the American Society for the Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality 1910-1914

 Read as an HTML document on-line "TWILIGHT SLEEP"

  Annotated Excerpts of the Marginalization of Nurse Midwifery
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 WORD document ~

  Choice in Planning and Experiencing Childbirth AMA Journal of Ethics ~ Virtual Mentor. September 2004, Volume 6, Number 9. Policy Forum 

  Birth Environments 1992  Economics of  hospital obstetrical departments
& Med-Mal Insurance as a money maker


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