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 The Use of Medical Grade Super Glue  ~ for Skin Repair in Perineal Lacerations  

Alligator alley - The Paling Perspective Scale --  a simple way of communicating risks (to the public and each other), and is the central feature of a book Up to your Armpits in Alligators by John Paling
Antibiotics for Acute Otitis Media Auditory Evoked Response Test to Evaluate Fetal Health:
a new method to evaluate intrauterine fetal asphyxia (& reduce the need for continuous EFM during labor by identifying at-risk babies)
Latex Allergy
Excellent Book Review ~ Dr. Tom Strong, "Expecting Trouple", an expose on the failure of current obstetrician-dominated form of maternity care ** ACDM letter to Aetna in reponse  Aetna US Healthcare Denies Coverage for Home-based Birth Services, terminates CNM for providing domiciliary midwifery care
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Five great  articles from Bandolier Evidence-based health care web site   ~  produced monthly in Oxford for the NHS R&D Evidence-based health care web site   ~  August 1998 Issue  54