Informational Binders Distributed to members of the Council & MBC office
~ prepared by Faith Gibson, LM ~
Other topics and document will be added at subsequent meetings of the Council

March 9th Binder ~ documents and enclosures

Section One

Copy of CCM letter to CEO of a California hospital
relative to the issue of physician supervision

Enclosures for letter

  #1  BMJ study on Planned Home Birth, as reported in ObGynNews July 15, 2005

#2  “Cesarean Birth Triples Maternal Death Risk” – CNN report on “Postpartum
Maternal Mortality and Cesarean Delivery” by Catherine Deneux-Tharaux, MD, MPH, et al; OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY VOL. 108, NO. 3, PART 1, SEPTEMBER 2006

Cesarean a Risk Factor for Emergent Hysterectomy; Obstet Gynecol 2003 Jul; 102

Voluntary C-Section Results in More Baby Deaths; NYT report on paper published in Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care 2006; Dr M. Malloy et al

C-Section Lawsuit A Plaintiff’s Verdict: Meador vs Stahler & Gheridian; post-CS unwanted and unnecessary cesarean surgery;,

Myth of the Ideal C-Section Rate; Dr RM. Cyr, MD Am Jour Obstet Gynecol 2006

                        #3   The Guardian, United Kingdom; Feb 6, 2007;

                        #4   Legislative Memorandum, Office of California Governor Earl Warren, 1949

            #5  a. NorCal Mutual Newsletter 1978; b. NorCal letter 05-18-99; c. CAPLI letter 2005

            #6   ObGynNews Sept15, 1993

#7   New Practice Reduce Childbirth (Litigation) Risks; Wall Street Journal; 2006 J

Section Two

Contemporary History ~ California licensed midwives,
the LMPA of 1993, its implementation, the challenge mechanism
and on-going regulation by the Medical Board of California

Enclosures for above document

1. AB 1375 - Newspaper for March 26, 1917, announcing the passage of the Gerhart Bill, which created the original midwifery provision of the Medical Practice Act

2. Directory - Board of Medical Examiners, March 1, 1918  ~  Physician, Surgeons, Osteopaths, Drugless Practitioners, Chiropodists, and Midwives  ~

3. BME Total of all licentiates from 1876 thru 1959
    (midwives 1917-1959)

4. Midwifery Law Grandmother Clause -- 1917

5. Midwifery Law 1917 Educational Requirements (same as for OBs)

6. Midwifery Training Schools -- 49 approved programs, 8 countries, none in California

7. List of BME Approved Mfry training schools >> NONE!

8. List of Midwives credentialed under Grandmother Clause 1917-1929

9. List LA County 53 licensed midwives (40 w/ Japanese surnames)

10. Partial List of Japanese American Midwives in Internment Camps 1941-1946

11. Original Midwifery Certificate Defined 1917-1949

12. Statutory requirements for Cal licensed midwives 1917-1949

13. SB 966 -- the repeal of the midwifery application -- Article 9 -- and removing the word "Midwifery Certificate" from list of 4 certificates previously issued by the BME

14. 1949 Inter-Department Memo to Gov. Earl Warren from BME director, Mr. Arnerich, approving the repeal of Article 9 and supporting passage of SB 966

15. Legislative Memorandum July 1949 to Gov Ear Warren from his staff explaining SB 966 and pointing out the difference between the duties and powers of the two classes of maternity caregivers - midwives and nurses -- and noting that midwives practice independently under the 1917 midwifery provision and NOT under the supervision of a physician.

16.  1949 letter from the Department of Public Health on SB 966

17.  Inter-Department Communication, Office of the Attorney General on SB 966 ~ July 5, 1949

18. Midwives Code of Practice ~ Policy on MF-physician relationship ~ United Kingdom - 1960 

19. Two Bowland Decisions -- Jan 1976 Appellate Court finding that midwifery was NOT an illegal practice of medicine) and the July 1976 California Supreme Court decision reversing the Court of Appeals and ruling that midwifery without a state license was an illegal practice of medicine  

20.  Angry letter in opposition to AB 1896 from Dr Heinrichs, Chief of Obstetrics @ Stanford 1977

21. The Midwifery Practice Act of 1978 -- AB1896 -- background information paper circulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs (notes that AB 1896 is materially supported by then Gov. Brown)

22. Sept 1980 - OSHPD information on the Midwifery Pilot Project requested by in 1978 by state Senator Gary Hart

23. March 1980 - The Professional Midwifery Practice Act of 1980 - background paper

24. Oct 1980 - original Midwifery Advisory Council as organized by the Department of Consumer Affairs -- Claudia Ford, Chairperson, MAC

245 1980 letter from California Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to the CAOG members, announcing notable accomplishments of the year, including the defeat of the midwifery legislation

26. March 1981 Press release from state Senator Barry Keene (of the Keene-Bagley Act!), on SB 670 -- creating state licensure for midwives

27. Midwifery Practice Act of 1981 - fact sheet from the Department of Consumer Affairs on SB 670 (march 16, 1981)

Section Three - Under Construction -- Reserved for material on history and impact of physician supervision to be distributed at a future Council meeting

More on the 1976 Bowland Decision & why it needs to be reversed --
by Faith Gibson, 2006